Things to do

Walk around Ficksburg to view historic sandstone buildings and churches, visit caves with San rock art or be at one with nature on horseback. Near Ficksburg, there are various places of interest including Sandstone Estates with its incredible collection of steam trains, classic and military vehicles, the artistic hamlet of Rosendal, Ionia Cherry Farm, the Rose House wine estate outside Fouriesburg and Golden Gate national park outside Clarens. The tallest sandstone structure in the world, a deserted mill at Gumtree, is just a few kilomtres south of Ficksburg.

The Lesotho border post (open 24/7) is literally down the road from Bella Rosa Guest House, and many sights and adventure options await in the Mountain Kingdom. Plan your getaway with Bella Rosa as your base for Lesotho where the Katse Dam, Semonkong’s waterfall and Afriski’s ski slopes beckon, to name but a few. You can even just walk to the border and visit the adjacent town of Maputsoe in Lesotho where typical Basotho food, curios, shweshwe printed fabric and beer await.

Ficksburg’s yearly Cherry Festival, asparagus farms, game farms and surrounding mountains are all well worth a visit. The town has a golf course, fitness centre, post office, police station, banks, a wide range of shops, hair dressers, doctors, hospital, dentist, pharmacies, optometrists, car repair shops, import/export clearing agencies and a Department of Home Affairs office (for passports etcetera).